Telenor Maritime is the leading global communication operator at sea, being in the forefront developing and defining secure standards for the maritime business since 2004. We are the only supplier that offers a digital platform with high-speed internet in one and the same ecosystem. We provide solutions permitting the same quality of experience at sea as on land, increasing our partners profitability through operational excellence.

These days, the maritime business is facing a significant shift – a digital transformation that will carry us forward into the Networked Society and the Internet of Things. With the introduction of the IoT, devices onboard and ashore can interact, information is collected and exchanged, and data is used both to enhance the crew and passenger experience, the operational efficiency and the company’s earnings.

Technology is changing the way we communicate, the way we work and operate, the way we do our business and the way we think. And we are developing it. That is why our solutions are chosen, instead of the bygone traditional way of solutions architecture.

Today we are serving the international offshore oil & gas industry, and more than 100 ship owners, 25 million passengers and crew on board more than 400 cruise- and ferry-vessels worldwide. 

We are owned by Telenor ASA, which ranks among the 10 largest mobile operators in the world. Their best practise from digitizing and cyber security is supplying us unique cross vertical benefits to our customers advantage.

With headquarters and R&D in Arendal, Telenor Maritime meet global needs directly and through a worldwide network of partners. Our highly qualified staff have one thing in common; the urge to lead, not follow.


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