Internship at Confirmit

My name is Hao Nhien Vu and I’m a student at the University of Agder. We have all heard about the vicious cycle: No experience, no job; no job, no experience. Well, during the 5th semester students get the opportunity to choose between a few elective courses, one of them being “IKT-200, Internship”. My roommate at the time, who also studied for a masters in ICT, was a part-time worker at Confirmit. He recommended me to consider applying for an internship, as I would gain valuable experience related to my masters – for practical nothing.

Given the fact that one of Confirmit’s offices is based in Grimstad, made it very easy to combine school and work – even on the same day if needed. After the University approved the contract between me and Confirmit, I was immediately treated as an ordinary employee. I was given my own new laptop and my own workplace in the office, assigned to a team, participated in meetings, given specific assignments and was even invited to join social events hosted by the office. I was surrounded by very knowledgeable people in a field that I will hopefully work with for a long time on a daily basis. This gave me an opportunity to both expand my knowledge and my network – which can be just as valuable as experience.

I’m now part of Confirmit’s Machine Learning based research team as a part time employee. You can find me hanging around at the Confirmit booth throughout the career day. Come and say hi and ask me any questions you have about the internship and working part time at Confirmit.

If you; aiming for a master in in ICT, have a keen interest in programming, check out IKT-200 and let us know if you are interested.

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